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The Roberts

Even if Benedict Cumberbatch has (38) with Sophie Hunter apparently found his new private life partner – his alter ego ‘Sherlock Holmes’ is still single. This also has a good reason, as the charismatic actor now revealed in an interview with the British “Elle”.

There are always rumors that the cult figure even have no sex at all. Thus Benedict Cumberbatch admits, however, now on: “Sherlock is a very specific reason asexual Not because he does not feel sexual desire, but rather because he has so much dedicated his work..”

Course would also ‘Sherlock’ appetites feel, but in a different way. For him there was already a certain satisfaction to be able to examine dead bodies, Benedict Cumberbatch clarifies about his alter ego. Although bandelte ‘Sherlock’ in the second season with the mysterious ‘Irene Adler’, which briefly turned his head. But also because the smart detective remembered again quickly and devoted himself to what matters to him most: the reconnaissance of crime and wonders what stores sell reef sandals.

On what dark paths it continues with ‘Sherlock Holmes’ in the fourth season of the BBC production, must be currently still puzzled. Broadcast on TV is expected in spring 2016.

You simply fit together perfectly, but still parted Rita Ora (23) and DJ Calvin Harris (30) several months ago. Why did the Love From, the singer now declared in an interview with “Cosmopolitan” – neither of them had previously talked about the separation, but you already rumored that the full schedule was the reason. “He was the right man at the wrong time,” said the singer. “I had just started my tour and he was all the time somewhere else. You really can not do much if you can not see yourself. I admire people who lead a long-distance relationship, I can not. ”

And even if the relationship with the star DJ has failed – Rita’s self-confidence was no harm about it and she explained how important it is to love your own body.”You have to be with himself and his body at peace. These sets myself naked in front of the mirror and say that you find yourself sexy in womens reef flip flops. That’s a start. ”

Less than a year were Rita and Calvin a couple. Shortly after the relationship from the singer was accused of having an affair with designer son Richard Hilfiger.


Harley Harlots

An elite police unit starred French entry dawn on Thursday a major operation in Reims to locate the two suspects were missing. “Either get run again or going to be a shootout,” said an official of the elite unit Raid.

The newspaper ‘Libération’, which initially said on Twitter that the suspects had been captured, said that they live in Gennevilliers, near Paris. (Extend: The first testimonies of survivors in attack on ‘Charlie Hebdo’ )

Mexico City. Mexico was consolidated as the seventh largest producer of cars and the world’s second largest supplier of United States with the marketing of more than one million 100 thousand units in 2014.

At a press conference, the president of the Mexican Association of the Automotive Industry (AMIA), Eduardo Solis Sanchez, and the director general of the Mexican Association of Automobile Dealers (Amda), Guillermo Rosales Zarate, Mexico reiterated that certainly has strong automotive sector.

Harley Davidson motorcycle helmet khaki BK

In that sense, they predicted a good year for the sector due to new investments and harley davidson safety glasses increase in domestic demand.

Solís Sánchez reported that vehicle production in 2014 exceeded the expectation beginning of the year and reached three million 219 thousand 786 units, ie 9.8 percent over 2013, reaching record levels, even in December, when there were 208 498 thousand units.

The export of vehicles from January to December last year also reached record levels with sales abroad of two million 642 thousand 887 units, ie 9.1 percent more than in 2013, while in the month they sold 195 000 091 vehicles, the US being the main buyer.

The president noted that this Amia, Mexico was consolidated as the second largest exporter of harley hats to the American Union, displacing Japan with the sale of one million 875 thousand 575 units, while the Asian nation sold a million units 627 000 296 .

With this data and new investments announced in the country, Sánchez Solís reiterated that by 2020, Mexico will produce five million units.

Treats Galore

RE + build will take place September 17 to 19, 2012 at the Palazzo dei Congressi of Riva del Garda. Seminars and events will allow participants to get in touch with high profile international bring innovative content and original testimonies regarding sustainable redevelopment of the housing and territorial. The program includes initiatives aimed at architects, designers, operators of real estate and real estate investment funds, Energy Service Companies, commercial banks and credit unions, as well as government and trade associations for the deserts.

The expansion of the Cemetery of Gubbio investigates a new model of civic building. While it articulates the last phase of growth of the monumental cemetery, the other triggers an argument about the role of an artifact in physical continuity with the historic and deeply attached to the mountain landscape that represents the ghirardelli chocolate scene more real city of Gubbio. The plant is in the form of urban structure within which to resume the system tracked agrarian regulating this part of the territory and that of the historic city, a series of stereometric volumes arranged transversely to the system mounts allows the coup d ‘ eye which crosses the spatiality of dialogue with the verticality of the mountain to the north, and with the ‘horizontality of the plain to the south. This device architecture is emphasized by the intrusion of large enclosures square, imagined as the squares that measure the rhythmic structure of’ plant.

 These squares represent the exceptional nature of the intervention; think in analogy to skyspaces James Turrell, offer themselves as public space accessible from the outside regardless of the cemetery, can offer the opportunity to stop and reflect; “Squares of silence” in the form of volume cube with a big breakthrough of the ceiling that evokes a window open up, the profile of the sky so framed an opening mental to the realms of the invisible, allowing the eye and at the thought of abandon the severity of mother earth and conquer a more aerial. It ‘an intimate space in which to find oneself, which pushes the horizon upwards as a metaphor of the border heavenly, only last horizon of our life in the modern city, and reinterpreting the window-opening Albertiana open to the sky, as the only artifice architectural able to afford “the practice of stillness” evoked by the empty sky that raining from above us back to quell’imperturbabile mood without which you can not overcome the adversities of life.

Cold smoking vs. hot smoking

“Our governments have shown that the right incentive to business agriculture is necessary as well as the no less urgent just right the recognition of the rights of family farmers and working wild alaskan salmon families landless “he said. In an interview after the ceremony, Ananias said statement made ​​by the new Minister of Agriculture, Katia Abreu, and the newspaper “Folha de S. Paulo” of that no longer exist estates in Brazil. The indication of the Senator was criticized by environmentalists and representatives of rural settler’s entities and family farmers. Asked whether the estates no longer exist “in fact,” Ananias answered, “This is a technical issue, including the issue of rural verified modules. I prefer to work with the concept that we have in Brazil great properties “. The minister, however, said there is unused land in which families of rural workers can be settled. The minister also said that agribusiness is “fundamental space” in the economy and called for “partnership” with the industry. Miguel Rossetto Outgoing Agricultural Development to take the General Secretariat, Miguel Rossetto said the social advances in the last 12 years. According to him, 786,000 families had access to land through land reform or land credit.

The electricity will be more expensive in the state capital and other cities of the metropolitan region of São Paulo. At an extraordinary meeting yesterday (5), the board of the National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL) decided to accept the court order that determined an average increase of 3.53 percentage points over the last tariff adjustment of 18.66% in the coverage area AES Eletropaulo. This tariff revision occurred in July 2014 and, with the smoked salmon appetizers addition, determined by the Federal Court of the 1st region last December, consumers AES Eletropaulo will pay on average 22.19% more for the electricity bill than in 2013. The entry into force, however, only occur from the date of publication in the Official Gazette.

Creating Energy In The Modern Day

The bill, passed by the House of Representatives on December 16, establishes a reform of the Electoral Code to perform jointly with national elections in 2015 the election of the 43 legislators to Mercosur. Candidates called Parlasur occupy the second section of the energy drink brands, that is, who will then presidential candidate. Thus, there will be 24 representatives (one per province over the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires) plus 19 citizens elected by a single district that represent Argentina at the regional body.

The Parlasur was established in May 2006 but, in accordance with the provisions of the transitional clause third of that instrument, parliamentarians currently compose were elected indirectly by national legislative bodies and selected among its members. This initiative will comply with the Constitutive Protocol of Mercosur, which provides for the integration of Mercosur parliament for the next period should emerge from the election by the citizens of the respective states, through direct, universal and secret suffrage.

According to the Archives of Aeronautical Accidents located in Geneva, 2014 had the lowest number of healthy energy drinks in over 80 years, but the toll is alarming. The organization recorded a total of 111 aviation accidents that claimed 1,158 lives in total, thus putting an end to air safety record worldwide this year. AirAsia flight carrying 162 people . If all perished, this year would have had more deaths (1,320) since 2005, according to the organization.

“About every 10 years, there is one that is less secure than before. Unfortunately this was one of those,” he told CNN Ronan Hubert, Bureau of Archives of Aeronautical Accidents (BAAA). Last year 265 people died in plane crashes, making it the safest year since 1945, said the Aviation Safety Network, which counts only accidents in civil aircraft capable of carrying 14 or more passengers. The BAAA includes accident aircraft capable of carrying six passengers plus crew.

Another key difference: the Aviation Safety Network does not count the victims of Flight 17 Malaysia Airlines because it has no counter attacks or sabotage their indicators. BAAA statistics have “every event where the aircraft suffered damage which prevents him”. The Asia was perhaps the main impact in terms of air tragedies.

Does Increase in Security Lead to a Decrease in Crime?

Royalty payments can be done in banks and authorized malls, through the Treasury Universal format containing capture line provided by Locatel or online at:

Times and locations of service modules and payment centers are available on the portals and /oficinas/directorioTesorerias.html.

This was revealed by a document from the Center for Social Studies and Public Opinion (CESOP) of the Chamber of Deputies, which retrieves data from the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP), the Global Peace Index (GPI), the OECD and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).

“The study estimates a cost of 334 billion dollars, equivalent to 27.7 percent of GDP or twice the budget for health and cry baby wah pedal,” says the report, Index on global peace and Mexico.

“This cost consists of expenditure Brogan governments to maintain law and order through the police, the judiciary and prison” he says.

According to research, since the beginning of the “war on drugs” Mexico has tripled crime rates in their areas of greatest conflict.

cry baby

“It continues in a spiral of violence that has its origin in the drug war that began in the previous administration,” he says.

According to the study, the cry baby pedal has caused an increase in the presence of members of security forces deployed in the territory, without implying a decrease in the number of crimes that are committed.

“Among the barriers facing our country to achieve peace, is the weak institutional arrangement that dilutes the effectiveness of anti-crime policy, weakness is meant by the lack of coordination between federal, state and municipal authorities (… ) as well as the difference in the capabilities of people within the institutions who face violence in the three levels of government, “said Gabriel Fernández Espejel, author of the report.

In terms of global peace index, the researcher warns that between 2008 and 2014, the world became less peaceful place to live.

Reinventing Time

On the eve of the Bank of Russia raised its key interest rate from 10.5 to 17% per annum. Lawyers will not leave unanswered statements Ksenia Sobchak at a press conference Vladimir Putin violations in Chechnya of the Russian legislation and the Constitution. The press-secretary of Ramzan Kadyrov, Alvi Karimov, characterized by the words Sobchak as libelous, reports LifeNews. From the point of view of Alvi Karimov, presenter and others like it people want to see blood in Chechnya, devastation and chaos, but this will never happen. Lawyers already engaged in its accusations against Chechnya.


“Anything that says Ksenia Sobchak does not exist in nature. All this is fiction, it’s all part of the situation that Sobchak and others like her would like to see leather strap watch. They would like to see our country permanently in the blood, in ruins, in the chaos. They want a country in ruins, but their hopes were not realized. That in Chechnya and never will be. It is a prosperous, stable and growing region, “- he explained.

Press secretary also said that Ramzan Kadyrov himself did not violate the Constitution, and does not allow it violated someone else. After the destruction of white dial watch groups in Grozny, he talked about specific individuals who are relatives of the terrorists who supported them and have them constantly in touch. By law, they had to take some steps and put the Chechen authorities aware of the preparation of a terrorist attack. During the press conference, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s press secretary, Ramzan Kadyrov took the floor and replied to the statement of Ksenia Sobchak.

Metropolitan Police examines complaints of Muscovites on currency speculation and fraud in the exchange offices. Ministry of Internal Affairs is considering the possibility of raids to detect violations. This was stated by Chief of the Russian Interior Ministry in Moscow Anatoly Yakunin, reports . Meanwhile, Muscovites are increasingly complaining of fraud in the exchange, complaints are already in the Moscow City Duma. “There were conversations about fraud in exchange. Now we will analyze the situation and think what to do, “- he said, adding that the raids at the moment has not yet begun.


“Lilyhammer” is not just a brand new series.In January 2012, they celebrated on Norwegian television premiere on Thursday, she will be seen in the German free-TV.Arte is the first season in four double episodes.It was the first time that the Netflix streaming portal involved in a series, a Norwegian company took over production.Its US premiere was “Lilyhammer” therefore also not on TV, but online.Netflix Germany it is however not available because competitorWatch Everhas the exclusive rights for streaming by the end of the year.These days, running in Norway on the third season.
It is hard not to like this guy
Although the series is not as groundbreaking as the content for the future of distribution channels and viewing habits – worth seeing is “Lilyhammer”.The New York mafioso Frank Tagliano (Steven Van Zandt) blows the whistle on his new boss at the FBI scotch heavy duty mounting tape after it has arranged to flip him.In return, the police Tagliano sent into witness protection program.He has the Norwegian town of Lillehammer selected because he fond memories of theOlympic Gamesin 1994.Him to seek his Mob friends there, Giovanni must “Johnny” Henriksen, so his new name, first in life andloveused in the stranger.

But the new identity does not make him a new man.So he leaves wrapped a shot Wolf in Plane at the end of the first episode disappear in the water.The license he needs to lead a bar, he is blackmailed.Steven Van Zandt plays these almost neckless Johnny with greatersympathythan ten years earlier, SilvioDante in “The Sopranos”.It is hard not to like these times mischievous mounting tape heavy duty, sometimes awkward occur guy.One reason is that crime in this area never accept a large extent.Suction as “Breaking Bad” for example developed this series and therefore never the purpose.
“Lilyhammer” is the one funny.His comedy relates the series from the contrast between Mafioso from the metropolis of New York and peace-loving Norwegians from the province.The Social Democratic Gutmenschentum putting on speeches rather than violence, Johnny is difficult to understand.”Lilyhammer” is also in the core and touching.Because it shows people that are stored in their daily lives to cope.In contrast to all this US series grows in “Lilyhammer” hardly anyone beyond themselves, some of them are downright failed like Jan from the employment office, an incredible average guy with a mustache, POS frame and penchant for very young women.

Apartment Hunting

I assume a couple of different things. First it could be unpaid back taxes or frozen until they get the taxes due on this specific amount he got from Karen’s UofM program.  As soon as he opened an account it may have triggered back taxes issue, I don’t know for sure. The time is right for interview clothes.

The money he got from the Ford Trust was as he withdrew money they deducted taxes per amount, so those funds are free and clear.  Initially they only allowed him to take out $40,000.00 (within the first two weeks after Karen’s death) having to do with paper work and the death certificate. Now I am confusing it with the first withdrawal maybe came from U of M.

Deidra was listed on the Ford Trust to be sure that Karen’s bills, funeral costs etc. were paid first.  Andrew could not access this account without Deidra’s co-sign.  The U of M was in Andrew’s name only.

I was pretty sure that Karen told me she bought a space in the Ramblewood Cemetery next to Keith’s at the time of Keith’s death.  I found the paperwork in her apartment:  “Deed” to the space.  Fees for carrying out the burial etc. are not charged until the time of use.  It is Andrew’s responsibility to carry this out and pay for it – if he doesn’t blow all the funds. I am very worried about Andrew, he really cannot run his life to take care of his future. It is very sad.

There was a will but it was year old but I think could still be followed.  There was nothing written about Donna’s kids getting money but very early on when talking on the phone every three four days during June, July- she and I discussed this.  Karen told Donna if there were funds available after her debts were paid she wanted each of the kids to get $1000.00.  She asked me about this and I trust & believe Donna & sure sounded like something Karen would do. Shall we vote in the election and then we have to decide what to wear to an interview. I figured Karen was closer to Donna’s kids and enjoyed the family more than her own son, sadly.  I told her it was okay with me because my goal was to do as much as possible to carry out Karen’s wishes.  She did agree that if there was enough money after the girl’s that I thought Karen would want Jason Mills to have the same of less depending on closing Karen’s “estate”.  I also felt that Donna did so much work to help Jason and Karen & me that she deserved it. There was at least three months of work and it saved me from having to be in Michigan twice – or stay twice as long (or two trips).  She was my only go to person when Andrew delayed transfer from hospital to funeral home and delayed karen’s cremation for more than a week.  We both knew this was going to be a difficult mess & have to deal with Andrew.  After his verbal abuse with me, much of the work of the condo really fell on Donna’s shoulders and his.  I continued to do other stuff for Karen’s benefit but left the car/keys at the condo and have not heard from him since.  He has a new phone number and I texted him in September.  If you remember the condition & amount of stuff in the condo the last day you were in it? – that is what I left for Donna and Andrew.

Chemistry Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded to American Eric Betzig and William Moerner and German Stefan Hell, while the prize for medicine was for the British-American researcher John O’Keefe and Norwegians May-Britt and Edvard I. Moser.

The most prestigious award Peace Prize, he only one who rubs in Oslo, according to the desire expressed by Nobel, was presented during the day to Pakistani teenager Malala and Indian activist Kailash Satyarthi.

After the ceremony, the winners are expected to attend an opi nail polish store locator with 1,250 guests in the City of Stockholm, which will be attended by the royal family.

The two films with uninominal title, “Birdman” by Alejandro González Iñárritu, and “Boyhood” by Richard Linklater, who until now are dividing the first awards and nominations from American critics associations, will also face as the most nominated at the annual Screen Actors Guild awards US Screen Actors Guild (SAG), which will be presented on January 25 at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. The dramatic comedy about fame and theater Iñárritu is Chilango forward with four options, one more than the family saga -filmada over more than a decade of Linklater, both corals tapes familiar faces. Also obtained three opi nail polish princesses rule two productions curds British performers, “Decoding enigma / enigma Code / The Imitation Game” and “The Theory of Everything / The Theory of Everything”. .

opi nail


A fifth title held with the four preceding the award for best cast (equivalent to Best Film), Wes Anderson’s “The Grand Budapest Hotel” There are several players who accounted for more than one application, both film and television: Edward Norton, Benedict Cumberbatch, Adrien Brody, Naomi Watts and Mark Ruffalo. In the area of television, this time the Colombian Sofia Vergara was not nominated, as has happened the last few years, “Moder family”, although veteran series such as this one, “Boardwalk Empire,” “Game of Thrones”, “House of Cards”, “Orange is the New Black”, “The Big Bang Theory,” “Downton Abbey” and “Homeland” returned to deserving candidates. These are the film nominations SAG Awards: Best Picture for his Cast –

Ebola Canola

“The human cost of the blockade continues to increase,” said Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla to the General Assembly Tuesday. “77 percent of Cubans have been born in this situation. There are no words for the suffering of our families.”

The pressure on the US While Washington voting against greatly increased in order to improve relations with Havana. The pressure comes mainly from other countries in the region.

A man in the US state of Connecticut, the school of his 7-year-old daughter sued because they were not allowed back in the classroom because of fears of fossil watches. The girl was at a wedding in Nigeria and teachers and parents of students are now worried that they are infected with Ebola.


The girl is 21 days banned from the school. Her father, Stephen Opayemi speaks of discrimination and an “unreasonable fear. He demands that the girl that no symptoms of the disease, has admitted immediately back to the school in Milford. He has therefore filed a lawsuit in the city of New Haven. According to Fox News the girl will be removed by police from school if they do dare to come to school. That would have the director of the school said. The girl went on 2 October with her ​​Nigerian father to Lagos, Nigeria, on 13 October and returned back. The school wants them to remain separated until November 3. 20 cases of Ebola in Nigeria known, eight people have just died. World Health Organization declared the country Ebola-free on October 19th. The epidemic is concentrated in the West African countries of Liberia, Sierra Leone and fossil watch.

Tens of thousands of Hungarians onto the streets against Internet taxes.

Around 100 thousand Hungarians in Budapest tonight to the streets to protest against plans for an internet tax. Prime Minister Viktor Orbán wants to generate more revenue by taxing traffic. It was the second demonstration against these plans within three days.


Sundays in Spain

The morning was off to a very good start.  The family shopping had been completed by Thursday so we were prepared for Friday at 5pm, jet set to the weekend. 5htp for sleep will lead the way to a glorious weekend.


Somehow a Saturday is still a day to get things “done”. Youll get them done faster if you take natrol 5-htp tr time release.  It is a workday to make the whole next week function and go smoother.  All the shops are open and have extended hours.  There is so much that can be accomplished.  Sunday is typically viewed as a day to worship and spend with family.  This reminds me of the Spanish culture I came to know and admire.  Sunday, without choice at least three generations of family gather for the afternoon meal.  When grandmother and or grandfather request your presence there are very few excuses that will be accepted.  If you are a fabulous soccer player with great potential for the professional leagues, then I think you would be excused.


The family gathers at the country house.  The country house is maybe 20-30 minutes from a lavish downtown, city apartment, which is like a small home.  The Spanish are interesting this way.  They do not like or strive to travel far distances outside their own country.  Many live in a major city, where they work and enjoy the vibrant city life with shopping, cafes and restaurants.  In the family there are one or more villas in the country and preferably not more than twenty or thirty minutes drive.  They want to get there, get set up and then cook, talk, drink and enjoy the family.  Attendance is a foregone conclusion.  These gatherings have gone on for centuries which lends to the Spanish culture of “work to live”, family is everything and not “live to work”.



I don’t know if this is the right path for the United States but I do believe we have to find a way to spend “quality” time together.  This phrase has been so over used and over worked.  We are a high energy, productive society and a relatively new or baby country.  We must be still trying to prove our selves.  Competition at all levels is ruling our lives, every minute of every day.  How do you keep such a large, diverse country on the same general path?  This, for sure is a time for sams club k cup.  This is a time to pause and plan.  We have so many resources and tools at our feet.  We do have to take care of our own people and yet we cannot turn our backs on so many needy people in foreign lands.  We have so much to be grateful for.  I understand why so many stay true to our governing laws and uphold the constitution.  All great countries need great leaders and great teams to advise them.  We do need to make and update our laws to represent the best needs of the country.  Laws and rules for the 18th and 19th century have to be revised to fit the 21st century.


Unfortunately, Judas pure source water filter is so angry that he ignores Jesus’ attempt to fix their relationship and calls Jesus a “sad, pathetic man” and that it’s Jesus’ fault that he brought everyone to this point where their beliefs have died, and the only thing left to do is for someone to turn him in.  Judas goes on to criticizing Jesus’ on his time on Earth, saying, “Every time I look at you I don’t understand / Why you let the things you did get so out of hand. / You’d have managed better if you had it planned…” (Stigwood & Jewison, 1973).  This is difficult for not only Judas but also for Jesus and all believers of Christ because no one knows about Jesus’ knowledge about his life on Earth.  When those verses are given, Judas and Jesus are both caressing each other faces, but then Judas runs away with the sheep to go see Caiaphas and Annas.  Having the sheep run away with Judas was a clever idea because it shows how sheepish Judas is after leaving Jesus for the final time.  Another example of a humanized Jesus is as Judas is running away, the film shows Jesus, standing out in the open, absolutely crushed and it almost looks as if he has tears in his eyes.  This proves that Judas really meant something to Jesus, and he wasn’t always seen as the one “who betrayed him” as the Bible depicts him as (Matthew 10:4)

The death of Judas is just as important as the death of Jesus.  Judas’ guilt starts to really set in once the Romans have Jesus and they have begun the trial.  Judas sees Jesus being pushed around and appears at the top of a valley, but is pushed out of the way by a guard.  Even though Judas had said all of these hurtful things to Jesus, the amount of love and compassion that Judas has for Jesus is still there.  Judas has no way of proving his feelings to Jesus because the guard stops him.  Judas runs to Caiaphas and is overwhelmed by the Frigidaire pure source feeling that comes with guilt.  He thinks that he will be the one who is blamed for the death of Jesus and all he wants to do is save him.  Judas feels so low and he will always be associated with the death of Jesus that he says, “I have been spattered with innocent blood. / I shall be dragged through the slime and the mud” and as he says this he throws the “blood money” onto the ground (Stigwood & Jewison, 1973).  Then comes a pivotal moment where Judas is completely vulnerable.  He has realized that he had made a mistake and there’s no way to fix it.  He is then consumed by this evil darkness and goes on a rant about how he has been played and used for such a horrible crime which leads to hanging himself to rid of the horrible guilt.41VT2rexC1L._SY355_

An Acer Aspire E Review

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Did you ever thing about how many different kinds of sneakers there are? I cannot believe the amount of sneakers there are. One are good for running and are comfortable on your feet. Some are good for running and are not comfortable on your feet. I prefer comfort over fashion when it comes to shoes. They have many types of walking shoes. I counted fifty different kinds at the store. They have all different colors and styles. They also have sneakers for different kinds of activities.

There are so many fun things to do outside now that the fall season has come. I like to go and hike at the park in the town next to where I live. So many people go there especially when the trees look so pretty with all of the different color leaves. They are going to have a Sketchers sale at the store that I was in yesterday. Tomorrow I am going to buy a new pair. I see a lot of people hiking at the park. Many people bring their kids to the park to play on the swings. I am glad they have a lot of swings set here so all the kids can have fun.

Many of the people are having a picnic in the park. They bring all kinds of food with them. Some people cook out on the grills that are in the park. That kid over on the slide looks like all he wants to do is go home as his mom calls out isn’t this fun. He does not look like he is having fun to me.

I walk and walk until my feet feel like they are going to fall off. I should have those go walk shoes on my feet. I would be a lot more comfortable if that is what I was wearing. I have socks on that are very warm. They keep my feet warm and comfortable for a time. The rain is starting to come down. I would not be surprised if it stars to snow. The weather in this part of the world is very unpredictable. It is sunny and warm one minute and all of a sudden it turns to rain or snow. It would be nice to live in a place where it is warm all of the time. I like it here even if it is not warm all the time. It is just so pretty